Advantages to Waterproofing Basement Walls

Did you know that waterproofing basement walls is critical to keeping your home comfortable and free of problems? Many people that have a damp basement mistakenly believe that they must let this situation continue. Unfortunately, if you do not do something to remove this moisture, and prevent it from building up, you are bound to have all kinds of problems in the long run. This includes buildup of mildew in the basement and elsewhere in the home, as well as damage to the foundation. Unfortunately, when you do not take care of waterproofing basement walls, you may suddenly find that your house is no longer livable, unless you spend huge amounts of money to repair the damages.

Get Rid of Mold and Mildew

If you have ever had to throw out all your clothes, appliances, and furniture because of mildew infestation, then you can readily understand why keeping your basement as dry as possible is very important. In fact, if you do not routinely tend to waterproofing basement walls, you will find that it is almost impossible to control mildew and mold. Once these organisms get into the walls and other parts of the home, you can rest assured that you will never get rid of them.

Protect the Foundation and Walls of Your Home

While you may not realize it, even painted and pressurized wood will succumb to excessive moisture in the environment. At the same time, when wood is exposed to water, it gives off an odor that is attractive to termites and other destructive organisms. On the other hand, when you routinely take care of waterproofing basement walls, you will be able to keep all of these problems under control. As an added bonus, if you notice unusual odors in your home, the sealing effect associated with waterproofing may also eliminate that issue.

Improve the Efficiency of Internal and External Basement Drains

Many homeowners do not realize that there are drains built into the ground outside of the basement. Typically, these drains carry water away from the foundation so that as little as possible makes its way inward. While these drains may function efficiently for some time, you should still be aware of the internal drains and decreased function over time. At the very least, waterproofing basement walls will help prevent water from saturating the walls as the drainage system fails. While this may not be a permanent solution to the problem, it may get you by for a few seasons until you can have the basement renovated.

Improve Energy Efficiency

As a general rule of thumb, if water is able to get into your basement
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, then air can too. Under these circumstances, if your heating system is located in the basement, you can rest assured that plenty of heat will go out if the walls are not sealed properly. In addition, since cold air tends to sink, you will also find that air conditioning bills will be higher in the summer as cold air escapes. Typically, waterproofing basement walls will be much cheaper than all the extra money you are currently spending to heat and cool your home.

Homeowners looking for inexpensive ways to improve home comfort and efficiency should put waterproofing basement walls at the top of their list. Aside from helping to reduce the cost of utility bills, you can have peace of mind knowing that you will have fewer problems with mold and insect infestations. As may be expected, if you are already having these problems, sealing off your basement may mitigate or fully eliminate your problems. Considering all the advantages associated with waterproofing basement walls, why not find out more today?